The Product

It starts with a regular poster/artwork. The surface is laminated with a special plastic sheet, to allow the backing paper to be peeled off. The last thin layer of paper where the ink resides, is then mounted onto a canvas sheet. The canvas is stretched, then an artist touch-up is added to the surface of the artwork. The artist-touched artwork on stretched canvas will then be professionally framed without glass.

The Artwork

Customers can select any poster/artwork from any PICTURE SOURCE catalog. Size of artwork to be transferred shall be 30"x40" or smaller. Artwork size of 16"x20" or smaller, would be mounted on plexiglass, instead of being stretched with a wooden stretch bar.

The Frame

Artwork that happen to come in a standard size (like 8"x10", 11"x14", 16"x20", etc.) will be artistically framed with a ‘ready-made frame’. All sizes other than the preceding will be framed with quality wood moulding. In both cases, the moulding width would range from 2" to 4", depending on the size of the artwork. The larger the artwork, the wider the moulding would be.

The Pricing

All canvas transfer products are economically priced at,

$1.35 per united inch


United inch is defined as the ‘perimeter’ of the artwork. For example, an artwork size of 20"x24", the united inch is 88" (20"+24"+20"+24").

The price , 88" multiplied by $1.35/inch, is $118.80.


This product ships UPS.